The Shotbell Strong Training Plan

Step 1

Purchase your 10 and 20 Shotbell Bundle for $99.

Step 2

Activate your ALWAYS free Shotbell Strong membership at checkout.

Step 3

Download the DisruptiveStrong App and follow along with the Shotbell Strong program.

The Shotbell Bundle

What You Get

  • 10 pound Shotbell
  • 20 pound Shotbell
  • FREE app access forever
  • FREE Weight Loss Made Easy Nutritional e-book

Lift. Grip. Slam. Swing

Use it like a kettlebell, dumbell, slam ball, and medicine ball. More effective, safer and less expensive.

Always Free Workouts.

Easy to access and easy to use fitness app allows you to workout anywhere and anytime. 48 different 15 minute workouts to get you started. Workouts are updated monthly to provide you endless variety.

It’s Simple. Watch it. Do it.

App was built for simplicity. Start, stop, skip, and replay the exercises on your time. Our Shotbell Trainer will guide you through each movement.